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What happens when expectations don't meet reality?

​"Heartbreaking and inspiring..."

"A book every father and son should read."


"I don't think I've had a clearer picture of the Holy Spirit."

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Jeff Hutcheon​

Our journey started on a Sunday afternoon in the late fall. My wife and I had always wanted to have two children, but due to complications during our first pregnancy, we were not able to have any least not biologically. But through a miraculous sign from God, we were directed to adopt a boy.  A dream had come true, as it is the hope of every father to have a son. 

But what happens when expectations don't meet reality?  What happens when a son rejects the love of his father and chooses to remain an orphan? 

Join me on this journey and together we will discover the life-changing treasure that lies just below the surface.


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Jeff Hutcheon travels throughout the world, teaching and speaking to groups about the principles of the Orphan Spirit, the Spirit of Sonship and adoption. If you’d like to connect with Jeff on behalf of your family, small group, business or church, please fill out the contact form below.


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